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The number on scales doesn't define your self worth.

How much body fat you have, your age, your weight, your waist circumference, or any other number does not define you.
That sentence is resoundingly opposite of what you read in health and fitness magazines, diet books, and see on infomercials. We’re led to believe from a young age that how we look is overwhelmingly important. And guess what. There are myriad creams, pills, powders, programs, and procedures to help you manipulate the appearance of your body!
You need to lose weight.
You need to fit into a certain dress.
Lose fat and reach your goal weight and you’ll finally be happy!
And oh my favourite one- you are just little fat but you are still cute or beautiful!!
Those statements are shouted at us repeatedly on a daily basis.
The appearance of your body does not determine your worth.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose fat or change the appearance of your body. After all, it’s your body so you can do whatever you please with it. However, we need to stop valuing ourselves based on the number glaring up at us when we step on the scale. We need to stop chanting, “I’ll finally be happy once I reach my goal weight!” because there’s a good chance you won’t be happy.

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