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Embrace Yourself

When was the last time you hugged yourself tighter? Was proud of your own achievement? Or looked in the mirror and felt beautiful inside out?

In a world where we’ve been raised to put others first, self-love can often feel selfish. Setting aside time for yourself causes feelings of guilt, and we struggle to maintain a dedicated self-love practice. It’s frustrating. We know we need to love ourselves more, yet we have difficulty giving ourselves permission to experience it. Ironic, isn’t it?
We’re living in an era where the self-love revolution is gaining momentum, yet we have trouble doing the work; it goes against everything we were raised to believe. We were never taught self-love in school, and most of us didn’t learn about self-love in our homes.
So what did we learn?
We learned to put others first. We learned the importance of success. We learned to work hard and make money. But we didn’t learn how to keep ourselves feeling fueled for that journey.

Unfortunately, many of us will not love ourselves until we lose the weight, or get the job, or get the raise, or the lover, or whatever. We often put conditions on our love. But guess what, we can change that. We can love ourselves as we are right now! 

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